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Monoform is a system designed to provide full structural restoration of deteriorated brick, block and precast manholes…

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In the U.S, There are at least 20,000,000 manholes in the ground, with about 50% or better of them installed before 1960.  A typical manhole could last upwards of 50 plus years before it requires serious maintenance and rehabilitation.

Statistically the average city with 661 miles of sewer line has up to 52% of it’s lines installed prior to 1959.  Up to 71.9% may have been installed prior to 1979.  That means there are potentially up to 6,664 brick or block manholes built prior to 1979!

Monoform  strives to solve the problems and potential safety issues associated with antiquated sewer systems affected by ground water infiltration by using No-Dig technology to rehabilitate the structure of manholes to prevent collapse of these manholes and allow for prevention of ground water infiltration.

The goal of system maintenance is to improve system performance and preserve asset condition as long as possible. Effective planning is used to target maintenance activities to meet these goals and minimize costly emergencies.

Let Monoform assist in planning ahead to avoid costly potential repair issues.

  • Sewer Lines Installed Prior to 1959 52%
  • Sewer Lines Installed Prior to 1979 71.9%
  • Sewer Lines Installed 2000-Present 9.6%


Prevent Long Term Problems By Starting With Manholes

MONOFORM is set up to conform to the inside dimensions and irregular shapes of the existing manhole. MONOFORM is available in nominal 40, 36, 32 and 26 inch diameter barrel sizes, in both 12 and six inch riser height.

MONOFORM can be used with a variety of chemical resistant coatings and add mixtures to achieve a chemical and corrosion resistant restoration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monoform LLC is a licensed contractor that specializes in installation, planning & implementation manhole rehabilitation projects. Monoform LLC  works with a variety of clients ranging from municipalities to large scale construction firms. Utilizing the latest in manhole rehabilitation technology, the Monoform system provides a low cost preventative measure when it comes to both infiltration & inflow contribution.

What kind of clients do you work with?
Monoform works with a wide range of clients including municipalities, construction companies of all scales, government institutions and private corporations.
What are the Monoform System Capabilities?
  • Structural restoration of deteriorated manholes
  • Standard concentric manholes
  • Eccentric cone sections
  • Benches and inverts are also rebuilt
  • Chimney size is actually increased in most cases
Can Monoform Be Used With Other Cemntious Mixtures?

MONOFORM can be used with a variety of chemical resistant coatings and add mixtures to achieve a chemical and corrosion resistant restoration.

  • Quadex
  • Xypex
  • And More

Client Testimonials

We recently had several of our deteriorating brick manhole structures rehabbed by Monoform.  We have found Monoform rehabilitation methods for these structures to be the best to make them structurally sound.  We have also found that they are close to the same price as the sprayed on liners that do nothing for support.  We plan to do more structures in 2014 as money allows.

Bradley E. Fix

Superintendent, Shelbyville Wastewater Treatment

We appreciate the efforts and implementation your company used in the City of New Haven’s manhole rehabilitation.  We will be budgeting to do multiple manholes over the next few years and look forward to working with your company again.  Your process as a no dig approach cut our cost & restoration mess, along with eliminating the I&I problem.

Dave Jones

Superintendent of Utilities, City of New Haven, IN

Monform has been a pleasure to work with on this project.  Their knowledge of the work to be performed is clearly evident, and they have been able to respond to the many changes in scheduling and/or scope, while still maintaining the necessary urgency required.

Paul A. Harbron

Estimator/PM, HRP Construction Inc.

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